PEYMAK was established in Sakarya, 2002 and specialized about the milk cooling tank, collection, transportation and cooling of the milk by producing relevant tanks. PEYMAK provides advantages and options to its customers by creating innovations and produces different and quality products with strong production technology. Our company, which advance with serious and safe progress from the day of establishment till today as a pioneer of new developments and differentiation, can provide company assurance on time with sales policy, production quality and common service network at any point around Turkey. Peymak that has initiated production life at Çark Sanayi that is located at Sakarya, Serdivan County, started rendering service at its new factory located at Sakarya Hendek Organize Sanayi Bölgesi as from June, 2014 as a result of the works performed towards its objectives. Productions that will carry you and us to the future shall be materialized in our modern facilities that aim production at world standards. With our increased capacity, quality and motivation, as PEYMAK Family, we are honoured to share with you the Future. Our Innovations will turn into passion; you will grow with our assurance..

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